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Leanne Inkpen

loving the patchwork!!x music wise at the mo - i'm loving lilly allen! x


what a cute bag! i'm really into jack johson right now.


my favourite music right now is MGMT - they are quirky and fun!


All of your projects are fantastic. Thanks for holding the contest. I'd proudly own a patchwork pouch. My newest favorite song is Wrecking Ball, by Kate Shutt.


favorite today and for a while: the coup <3


That little bag is quite cute :]
I'm currently in love with the album Illinois by Sufjan Stevens.. pretty!


Thanks! I'm having a renewed love affair with Rufus Wainwright.

Dara Enns

There has been lots of Death Cab for Cutie flying around our place these days. My favorite of their songs is Marching Bands of Manhattan. And I LOVE the quilt for your mom. Was she totally blown away??!

Amy w

It's a totally cute bag.

I have been loving Menomena
Introduced to me by my boy!


Love the pouch. And the quilt. And the pizza.

Currently listening to Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan. :)


I've been listening to the Twilight Sad. Love his voice. Love the blog.


Currently loving Ingrid Michaelson's Be OK...especially "The Chain" - congrats on your 200th :)

Christine Brandel

Love the quilt for your mom! Current fav music for me is Fall Out Boy, especially their song, Thanks For The Memories.


Favorite current music is Muse. Pixies are my all-time favorite, but they don't seem to be writing any new music, whereas Muse is. And I get to see them play in September (opening for U2). Whee!


I love your mom's quilt. Listening to Lisa Hannigan, over and over and over.


Well, the quilt is awesome and I love the colors. As for what I like currently - Bloc Party, Anais Mitchell, definitely AlphaBeat and Robyn (the singer, not me).


i love the pouch, especially the glitter charm (: i'm currently listening to the wreckers.


Although I don't have kids of my own yet, I am the purchaser of children's music at the library where i work, so i listen to lots of indie children's music, looking for good stuff. my current favorite song is "blanket" by danielle sansone from her album "Two Flowers."

Cute pouch, but great quilt for your mom!

amanda jane

Lisa Hannigan. oh so loving her. and I enjoy stalking your blog, too! your quilts amaze me and the pouch is darling. here is hoping.

Kelly Heasley

My favorite album just came out Tuesday. It's Sandra McCracken's "Live Under Lights and Wires" - like a live acoustic greatest-hits. You'll love it. Everyone will.


Right now...my daughters and I lOVE Taylor Swift!!! So sad we didn't get tickets for her concert!!!
I think your pouch would cheer me up nicely!!!


Love the quilt for your mom! Very, very pretty.

Current music: Johnny Cash "Hurt" is still one of my all time favorites. Also, a local Nebraska group: The String Beans. My tyke loves to listen to their silly songs.


I'd like to snuggle under that quilt and eat the pizza! Congratulations on 200!

Rodrigo y Gabriela - their album by the same name. I could listen to track #2 (Diablo Rojo) over and over and over and over and not get tired of it.


You may not post often, but your posts are always quality posts, full of great pictures and inspiring projects. congrats on 200.

Current fav song: I turn my camera on by Spoon. Can listen it again and again.


congrats on 200 posts...my favorite music right now is classical
just like listening to the sound and find it is inspirational.

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