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wonderful project. thank you for sharing.


Love the idea ....have done something similar to this ages ago when i was teaching Kindergarten......thx for refreshing my memory. Will try it with my kids..


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Thanks so much for sharing! May I post one of your pictures on my blog, www.artsymel.blogspot.com ? It's a non commercial and practically a non public blog I have to collect ideas and links.


Love this! One of the best "art auction" projects I've ever seen. Definitely going to try a variation on this project.


I love these scratch prints! Do you have a source for the scratch board that you can recommend? I have looked around and found them for a few bucks a sheet, which is spendy for a big project. Thanks!


I just discovered this when searching for my son's first grade Class Auction project. I love it. I'm going to try it with his class. I'll probably take your building and trees idea as well. Except we'll have San Francisco reference instead of Seattle!


this is beautiful and an real inspiration. i am about to embark on a similar project with my daughter's 1-2 class and would love more details about sizing. how big is the final product? about what size are the individual pieces? thanks for any help you can give.


This looks like a really fun project that kids enjoy. I would like to do a scratch foam project as a Vacation Bible School craft. There will be at most 90 kids making prints the size of a egg carton lid. We will just use black ink on colored paper. Could you give me an idea of how much ink I should buy? Is it necessary to use a special type of paper?



Can this same technique be used on fabric? Thanks!


This is awesome! Do you think it can be done with T-shirts? My scout troop is having a lock-in and we're making t-shirts. I would love to try this.


What a great idea and what a great implementation! I love the colors!! And I find it absolutely true: "you can smear ink on something (with a TOOL), press it down (with another TOOL), & then when you're done, it's your drawing that you made but somehow SO MUCH COOLER." :))))))) Thank you!!

Michal Levison

'mi n love with this project! So easy to do and it comes out so professional looking! I'd love to post this on my blog - please let me know 1) if I can and 2) how I can credit you.




Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm working with my daughter's kindergarten class on an auction this year and we're giving this a try. I've done something similar with older kids carving lino blocks but wasn't aware of the scratch foam--this is perfect for younger kids! Thanks so much for sharing.

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Love the necklace! Etsy it up!

Yvonne Ramirez

Hi, I love this! I will be taking inspiration for our class project this year. Can you tell me what you ended up using to print on? Thank you!


Nice description and project!


What a great idea!! I think we'll try to make a few this afternoon.
Love her jewels!


That looks fantastic. I'm sure the kids would love doing this craft.


Wow...looks fantastic!


These scratch prints are excellent. So easy and look so good.


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