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The quilt really is gorgeous. I'm curious as to whether you make any guides for you rows of loops or if you just go for it. If I didn't mark some guide lines mine would be totally all over the place! And I love the block prints -- is there a tutorial on how to do that?? If it's easy enough for kids, I might be able to manage it! :)

jen j-m

hey daria,
everything you make is always gorgeous, but that quilt is spectacular. i hope it brings lots of money!! i love the cityscape blocks, too.
meg and i chaired decorations for our auction (which is tonight - i am currently trying to adequately caffeinate myself and remove glitter from at least a few surfaces around the house before i head over to get started on set up) and i was in charge of both kids class projects too. haha. next year i'm hiding!

Mama Urchin

The quilt is beautiful and I want to hear more about those block prints. Are they being turned into a quilt too?


It all looks so lovely. Your school is so lucky that you are so generous with your time!


love the quilt as always. love the idea of city drawings for the block prints--the bus and the space needle are especially charming.


I think this one is my favorite ever. It is stunning.


i need to learn to say no, too. i was in charge of all auction art projects, K-8...never again!
your quilt is absolutely stunning. i hope you bring it home.


This is such a beautiful quilt. I'm inspired to try my first quilt for my baby daughter. Would love to konw if you have any quilt books that inspire and teach the style you use?


I could not love this quilt more. Man, I wish I had thought of it! I would definitely bid on this quilt - it's genius - from the corduroy, to the peek-a-boos in the white border, to the black binding. Fabulous!


Oh my. I usually either like extreme close-ups OR far-aways. However, this quilt looks amazing on all levels! Thanks for sharing.


Love the quilt! The class project turned out great, looks like they listened to you :)


I love love love love this!!!


These look so great. Can you share how you did this?

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