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Dara Enns

I'm so happy you're back! Looking forward on checking in on what you're making these days!

julie @ up up creative

oh, i'm so glad you're back. i've missed you!

Mama Urchin

missed you too


Welcome back! I'm looking forward to seeing your new projects and reading your blog!


well, hello, daria! i have been thinking about you...i just did the auction quilt thing, myself. two of them. glad to see you back here.


so glad to see you back daria!

Jaclyn Bailey

I am so glad that you are back! Does this (hopefully) mean that you will start stocking your etsy store again too? My daughter finally has enough hair for your glitter-y hair clips!

Account Deleted

Hi! I got your email and owe you an answer. Coffee most definitely soon, and feel free to bring some of those cupcakes, okay?


Glad you are back too!

Prairie Girl

Hello for the first time :) I just happened upon your site the other day and am glad you've decided to start blogging again.

Looking forward to visiting further.


Welcome back, D!


Hello there. I sent you a witty email about Betsy Ross & the new administration. I still hold the sentiment, though I shan't repeat myself.


Yay! And I assume your fingers are clean now, for the most part, anyways? Are those heart-shaped crayons? If so, I am truly impressed by your creative take on these. If not, I am soooo going to try to make heart-shaped melted crayons! Tied with ribbons! Actually, ben would enjoy that project. We've made circle ones, need to find a heart muffin-baking tray.


Stumbled across your blog....and so happy that I did! What are those darling little hearts? How did you make them?


Nice to have you back :)

cheap ed hardy

I'm looking forward to seeing your new projects and reading your blog!

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