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Man, you are sewing up all the fabric in the world. I love that first top - it is very flattering I think.


Ottobre is da bomb. I am still using the patterns, LONG after my own kids have completely grown out of them!! I still have many other kids to inflict upon, rofl!


well, i was impressed with the tunic. as i read along, i was impressed with the graduation dress. then comes the fabulous jacket and sweet little dresses. my, my... you do just dive right in! nothing wrong with that. :) that's the way i learned to sew.

teri, fellow ottobre fanatic


you looked so cute this morning in that frock. You convinced me to order that issue for myself.

Are you guys playing soccer in this rain today?

And, um....you have one more place that needs a little update ; )



gorgeous! the tucks on that tunic? divine!

now of course i'm going to subscribe to another spendy import design magazine... sigh.


That coat is amazing! I'd love to have a grown-up version of it.


I am very impressed! I wish I had your skills/confidence for sewing clothes. I love that tunic and the jacket!


That coat is absolutely fabulous, I really like it. I'm assuming Ottobre isn't published in English - is it fairly easy to follow even if you don't understand the language?


Seriously impressed with your sewing skills! Glad you might be doing a bit more blogging as I love what you write, but life is slightly more important!!!


They all look great. I saw them in the flickr group, and thought I'd pop over here to see if it was the same glittergoods gal, and it was. =)

amy r

daria - the jacket is GREAT! You have totally inspired me to just go for it and make Lucy and Mabel's coats this year. many many thanx. a


That coat is just beautiful! Oh, and the dresses must look great on monkey bars. I love it when playground equipment sets off an outfit! :)


I love that tunic! I think I'm inspired to actually try sewing clothes!


we like miniboden for the skater fashion, also good for yr son, I'd imagine, because [redacted]. nice seamstressing; of course, am not surprised.


Everything looks great - you have been busy!

Mama Urchin

hee hee, I rarely make anything from any other patterns anymore.


I *love* my Ottobres..I never use any other kind for kids anymore, and my kids haven't fit into them in a couple years, lol! Luckily for me, I am drowning in nieces and nephews, so I still have years of sewing, still. :p

That #12 from 2/2005 is one of my favorite patterns. :p I've done a bunch of things from them, and even duplicated it in American Girl size, lol.


That is a wonderful top. And jacket. I should be going to bed, but it makes me want to go sit down at my sewing machine.


WOW! That's some seriously fabulous sewing you've been doing there. I love the first top.xoxo


Where has glittergoods been?
I miss this blog =/

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you do just dive right in! nothing wrong with that. :) that's the way i learned to sew.

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