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It was a good weekend! So sorry we will miss the show at the Henry we are heading south for the weekend. I hope it goes really well!

Cathy P.

I was just at esther's a few weeks ago :) love that shop! I bought some of that blue and red fabric too :) great shots!


nice odds and ends. looks like some summer fun to me!


Such lovely photos. Your summer looks great!


nice fabric & bike!


That looks like a wonderful day! We went to seattle/bainbridge island last summer for a little vacation and I loved it. I could definitely live there............

Amanda @ www.kiddio.org

I love your photos--the fabric made me feel a little wanty, though :) Ah, the end of summer is neigh...

best, Amanda @ www.kiddio.org

Lasso the Moon

I am lusting after those fabrics.

Emily Nudelman

I love Esther's! (I am a Seattleite too.)

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hanson  robin

Love that quilt. In fact, I was going to work on my dissertation for the next couple of hours but you reminded me that I would so much rather be working on my spring-trips-to-the-park quilt. I know. I'm bad.

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