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I love how the colors in the photo of the view from your room are very similar to the colors in the fabrics that you bought.


Sometimes the camera free trips can be the best trips. Sounds like fun and good to have an excuse to go back.


Sometimes those wrong directions can result in fun serendipity! Sounds and looks (your shopping loot) like you had a good time.


I have done the exact same things (walked in the wrong direction and organized a trip around vegetarian food) in Victoria, Canada. (For the record: Rebar Modern Food is worth a stop.)

Melissa H

I somehow missed your post asking for SF suggestions but I just got back from a day of crafty wanderings in the city including, of course, kinokuniya although I skipped britex this time. I was sitting down to post about my day and review Herbivore (divisadero location) where, I agree, the service was nice but all 4 items we ordered were kinda icky which was a disappointment. Next time I'm told I should try Cafe Gratitude for veg food. Oh well ;) Oh, and it wasn't google maps fault but I spent the entire day lost as well.

Joe the Dog Lover

I like to fly by the seat of my pants myself.


hi there,

i have had a lovely time reading through your entries. It has reminded me about a pattern i was trying to find.

For Kids Who Have Started to Walk - Japanese Sewing Book. I never did find it, but thank you for inspiring me to search again.

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For Kids Who Have Started to Walk - Japanese Sewing Book. I never did find it, but thank you for inspiring me to search again.

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Taking a tour just anywhere else is a lot of exciting and adventures. The photo of those pillows is same as with my pillows too. And I miss bonding with my little sister, we had fun always. It was so nice to see a mother and a daughter holding hands together.

hanson  robin

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I enjoyed reading your post. I am hoping to visit the place yo were into also. We all know that to travel is one great experience.

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