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I love dress #1, too.

Not that I don't like dress #2, but dress #1? MUCH cuter. In my humble opinion.


Great job.

I have a Japanese Craft book that terrifies me. But I love the pictures. And I imagine that someday I"ll make something from it.



I had situations like this with my two girls too
When they didn't like a dress and didn't want to wear it I took them to the mall, Walmart... claire's inexpensive places.... and let them pick out a head band (yes at 3 years old this started!) or a necklace to be worn ONLY with that dress, it worked! just a suggestion
I would only spend a few dollars on either of these items. once they wore it a few times then I saw they would forget to wear the headband or necklace cause they fell in love with the dress!


Oh that dress. So very very cute!

We'll be in Seattle in a couple of weeks. We're seeing each other, right? I'll email.



i think the striped one is quite charming and cute, but i understand that it doesn't matter what you or i think, does it? been there and done that.

Mama Urchin

I'm always asked for more ruffles when I make dresses.


Makes me wish I had a girl to sew for, think B would wear a smock? Maybe a robot fabric smock? Wishful thinking. I vote the first one too, love them both, but I would wear that first one.

I agree on the Seattle weather, sucks so bad, love the the sun is finally poking it's head out this afternoon, now if it would just warm up!


delurking to ask if you, by chance, have stolen my 5 year old with out me knowing it? I just had the exact conversation about a dress I made her-with fabric she picked out herself. Her younger sister's dress had two colors of pink flowers on it and hers only had one...the others being purple...oh my! She said her younger sister wasn't allowed to wear her dress unless she (the five yr old) was wearing all pink because she (the younger) would be fancier. Aargh! My sympathies to you!


i LOVE the striped one...i think in fact even better than the floral one. My daughter refuses to wear anything other than T shirts and jeans...and not even cute ones! another fave of hers are hand me down bandana pants from her brother with T shirts that don't quite match! sigh. I wish i had one complaining that her clothes were too "plain" and needed something to spice them up!


I love those dresses. I have the 'Girly style Wardrobe' pattern book which has been very useful this summer, you can see on my blog some of the pieces that I have made from it.


Girls seem to have their own fashion ideas from a very young age! My daughter told me a few years ago (when she was about 8 yrs) that we just don't have the same taste! I love your dresses - particularly the stripey one.


Oh gosh, I love the red dress too. And the heart! So perfect!

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We'll be in Seattle in a couple of weeks. We're seeing each other, right? I'll email.

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