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What a wonderful handmade party!

Mama Urchin

Don't you think that birthday parties are one of those things kids remember so why not make them magical and special. I still remember my holly hobby birthday when I was 6. It looks like it was a magical day!

melissa s.

how sweet! I'm crossing my fingers that my little girl asks for a fairy party when she's bigger. Or my little guy. As long as I get to do this fun stuff, I'm happy!!


"fairy nuts..."
snicker snicker

love the cake (love it all)


it's all wonderful, daria!


i'm crazy about your fairy party. looks like fantastic fun. would you share more details about how you made the fairy skirts? (oh, and that martha chocolate cake? it's my go-to-cake. no fail. so good.)


It looks like great fun!... Good work, Mama! Magical!



Julie @ Letter9

Those candles are almost as awesome as the party itself. The pics rock, too. What a good mom. : )

Lasso the Moon

so fancy~!

Veronica Darling

Party time is fun!

I was in a park this morning (in St Peters, Sydney, Australia) and a children's party was going on, AND they had decorated the park with what looked like YOUR party flags, they were all different, but I said to my husband, I could make them if we ever needed party flags, and thought of you and your tutorial! Nice one!

Stacy A

Wow, what a magical scene. It looks like all your work paid off. I think I will give myself a fairy party next year for the big 30. I really believe one is never too old for fairies and cake. I will have to remember this post for all your great ideas. Love Stacy


Looks like the fairy party was a great success - love the decorations, the cakes, the costumes, the craft! Those butterfly fondant cake toppers look great - that is something I am going to have to try.


Just amazing...I see a fairy party in my future!

And let me tell you as reassurance that your child's expectations depend entirely on how you handle things. Last year Amelia had the uber big 4th birthday party with ponies and a jump castle with over 25 kids (outrageously over the top) and this year we had a simple gathering at the park with only a couple of friends. Both equally enjoyed for different reasons. That is just the way it is.

P.S. GREAT cake!!!!!

elizabeth of course

a line of fairy skirts....almost more than my little heart can take. great job. This is exactly the kind of thing that I wanted to have a girl for. It's all bulldozer and monster parties in this house. Great job! I'm inspired! maybe I should have a fairy party for my birthday this year.......?


Oh Daria! The party sounds wonderful! Great job! Any chance you want to plan MY next birthday party? ;)

Anne K.

Oh, my gosh, those fairy skirts are too adorable to be believed! I'm definitely passing your post along to my sisters, whose granddaughters are definitely of fairy-able age...wonderful!!! Thanks!


what a lovely time for the little fairies! Your skirts are so pretty! What a delight for little girls! Everything is so well done!


Hoorah for you! Making a themed party is hard and fun at the same time. So much effort, a bit stressy at times, stretches the wallet and the creative mind, but ultimately the big reward is......CUTE photos! Thank you for sharing some of the highlights. Very special.


Looks like a great time was had by all! See you guys tomorrow.


Last year my daughter was really into fairies and I threw her a similar party. I give you tons of credit for making the tutus - I bought all the props, but did emblish a bed canopy which I hung from the trees. Underneath the girls dined - tutus, wings and all. It was so much work - but magical. Thanks for sharing your great pictures!

L.A. Kid Stuff

What a cute party! I am also trying to make fondant butterflies and flowers and attach them to the side of a frosted (not fondant) cake. My question is, do the fondant cut outs just stay put on the cake or did you have to glue them? Thanks!

cheap ed hardy

Or my little guy. As long as I get to do this fun stuff, I'm happy!!

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