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I just love your quilt. It's beautiful.


Oh my goodness...this is awesome. Can I bid, please!!!


the quilt is great - i wish i had the opportunity to bid!
and the leaves - wow!


I love love love this pillow!


i'm so stealing the leaf idea for next year's auction. i wanna see the final installation, please!


They look great! Shall I say glitterific? Anyway, the quilt is beautiful and love the pillow, I am sure that J is pretty tickled to have one for herself.


Another quilt beauty - you rock!
the leaves are great - i also would like to see the installation! i was trying to make a glitter heart garland for valentines day and only wish i could get the glitter on them so nicely, the way you did with the leaves.
guess that's why you're the glittergoods gal and i'm not! ;-)

Julie @ Letter9

Love that quilt. In fact, I was going to work on my dissertation for the next couple of hours but you reminded me that I would so much rather be working on my spring-trips-to-the-park quilt. I know. I'm bad.


Love, love, lovin' the quilt!! I hope you make a lot of money!


That quilt is simply stunning , I can understand why you will miss it.

Mama Urchin

You are so dedicated.

cheap ed hardy

i wish i had the opportunity to bid!
and the leaves - wow!

hanson  robin

What a wonderful idea. The framing is so lovely. How did you do those prints? Did you use a gocco? I MUST get my grubby little hand on one of those! Can you recommend a simple one for a beginner?

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