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They are lovely, I've been thinking of getting a Gocco, they look brilliant. Would you say they are worth the money?


so cute. i wanted my kids to gocco their valentines, but they had their hearts set on crappy ones from target...

Sarah Jackson

They look great! We used the gocco for our valentines too.


like meg, i tried to get the kids to gocco, but they didn't go for it. love what your kiddos made.


those cards are so cute!


oh my they are beautiful! well done little ones!


Wow! I love them so much. I have been saving for a gocco myself. Not sure where to get it, though. Probably on etsy somewhere...Those valentines are just to die for.


They look great! Where did you get your machine? I have been considering getting one.


How fun! I wish I could come over to play.


I knew I should have kept that gocco, the hardest part of valentines day is getting them to do so many of them, so this is genius!


Curses, woman! You just made me spend $300 on a gocco kit!! I've been wanting one forever; so, um, thank you for pushing me over the edge!

Also, these wonderful women posted about gocco today:



we gocco-ed our valentines, too. and they were so, so fun. (the kids were skeptical at first, but they're believers now!)

Ram in the Thicket

Those are cool! ;o)


Wow, kid goccoing (is that a word?) makes me want to have one. My little artists would LOVE to do that.


OK, if your kids can use that thing, I better get the gocco machine out of its box. I've been waiting for a clear table, but I think I better just sweep some things aside and go for it.

The valentines look great! I definitely should have tried that for this year.


ok. your kids used your gocco. i am shamed. i bought a pg-5 a few months ago and have not used it yet (intimidated by it, yes.)tapping my foot. what-can-i-use-this-bad-boy-for?
loved the vals. thanks for sharing. love your blog and work.


thanks for the inspiration! just purchased a gocco today :) i have been thinking about it for a while, so i finally took the plunge!


The valentines are fabulous and now I want a gocco more than ever!


Why oh why no gocco in the UK????? I have emailed, ebayed, searched high and low. I've even emailed some art supply stores in the US - to no avail. Any advice would be appreciated! Your cards made me want to get on a plane to come and get one.


I am so getting a gocco now. What a great idea to have the kids do their own valentine's cards. They'd have lots of crafty fun.


love your blog! love the gocco, hope i can find one..
your quilt is also very inspiring.

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I've even emailed some art supply stores in the US - to no avail. Any advice would be appreciated! Your cards made me want to get on a plane to come and get one.

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