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jen b

Wow what a wonderful, amazingly special gift. Simply beautiful.


You should definitely be proud of all the hard work you put in to that quilt. It's absolutely beautiful. What a great wedding gift!


It's incredible. Really.


ahh, beautiful quilt! the Day at the Beach is one of my favourite quilt patterns :) and such a thoughtful gift for your sister & her mister to treasure!


This quilt is brilliant. You did an amazing job. Bravo!!!


That's one big quilt for a home sewing machine! You did a fabulous job, beautiful in every way.


It's gorgeous. The gray with floral on the back is brilliant (!!!) because it makes it less girly. That's a great trick-- for someone who likes florals but does not want an over the top feminine vibe...


wow. Beautiful and inspiring. I just finished a quilt top and back and am planning on just leaving it as patchwork, you know... unquilted. But yours looks so gorgeous I'm having second thoughts! I guess it's that quilt management thing- getting it all the way to the center will be tough. But your results show that it would be worth it. Awesome.


Love the quilt. Is the loop stitching a sewing machine setting?


a. mazing. all the little bits you screenprinted are so lovely, and make it even better for your sisiter I"m sure. Well done.


so so beautiful!...i have been toying with the idea of making a quilt for our bed but i am so not a big quilt maker...just a little quilt maker...but seeing how you did this one with the different stripes & the width & length...i am inspired! & i feel like maybe, just maybe i can do this!...i don't know if i have mentioned this before but i love love love the loop dee loops...i always doodle loops & seeing them in your pillows & now this quilt...ahhh so sweet!...thanks for the inspiration & hope that maybe i can do it:)


absolutely extraordinary.


It is *so cool*!! I may be biased, seeing as how it incorporates so many of my favorite colors, but I don't think so. What a wonderful gift.

And yes: couldn't you just stand there forever looking at your basted quilt, petrified of beginning the actual quilting? Happens every time....

melissa f.

okay-- no one-handed baby typing. i have a lot to say about this quilt. it is so good. modern, but still so *quilty*. the colours were such a great, bold choice that translated so well... i love it. in fact, i'm going to try my hardest to copy it in a different palette. i shouldn't say that, cuz yours will be better, but oh well.

when you come, i'm going to need a little lesson on the quilting. and apparently i'm going to need some gloves.


That is a stunning quilt. The quality of your quilts is amazing


Goo d on you for tackling the quilting yourself! It looks great!


Oh it's beautiful!! And inspiring!


I adore this quilt and the idea behind it. I'm getting married in December this year and am searching for inspiration everywhere. Your post about your sisters wedding day even made it to my inspirations book. So thank you!

Just wish I wasn't an only child so that my older sister could do the same for me. Sigh...


So lovely! "Wrestling the fabric alligator" is never easy, but it is rewarding once you've got it done!

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