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the pesky bombolino

It's just too beautiful.
I'm getting married this year- would you like to be my sister?!


When you're onto a good thing, stick to it. I love all versions of your "Day at the Beach" quilt - especially the red and grey version. I already have lots of your cushion pics marked as favourites over at flickr as I love the way you put fabrics together. In fact, ever thought of doing quilt kits for people really bad at fabric combining? Put me at the top of your customer list if you do. Very covetable work - thanks for sharing. Your sister is very lucky.


It's a gorgeous quilt! Your sister and husband will love it I'm sure!


i love this quilt, but even more so? i love how pleased you are with it. this entry was so fun to read!

jen j-m

it's incredible + perfect. and you are very funny.
happy new year to you all - i loved seeing the the kids' pj pants, too!


it's so beautiful! The fabric and colors are perfect together. I love that loop stitch, is that a setting on your machine?


Niiiice. I am not a quilt-y person, but I could live happily with that in my house. :p May your sister and her new dh have as much love together as you put into it. Wait...that didn't come out right. Hope they are happy, is what I meant. :p


absolutely stunning! I am SO impressed!


its so gorgeou! i'm kind of speechless... good word!


So you are the maker of this beautiful quilt I saw on Flickr this week. It truly is a beatiful work of art. You give folks like me inspiration to just jump in and do it!


It's just stunning, Daria! Great work... Amazing. You've mastered the loops!


Really, really lovely quilt! I just about snorted at the "stippled tiny ducklings"...it's hardly satire. :)

Nice work on the loopy loops.


what a beautiful quilt!!! I love your previous 2 versions as well. I know all about the pre-quilting terror. the quilt couldn't be more beautiful...you should be so proud of it!


wow Daria, it is absolutely spectacular! lucky sister!


wow. Wow. WOW!

This is just stunning - and spot on to the smallest of details. I am just blown away by this...

(and it is sooooo much better than a stockpot. Just saying...)

jennifer w.

Really beautiful job!


i am so in awe.
it's amazing!!!


It looks wonderful, Daria, congratulations and it is so nice to hear about the process, one I am finding daunting. I agree, better than a stock pot.


holy awesomeness, daria!
well done!


This quilt is totally amazing and beautiful. Definitely much better than a stock pot! You are an awesome sister!

Liz Harvatine

Ooh, this is beautiful! Everything about this quilt is right up my alley. I want it! Or at least I want to have made it!

PS Nice work on the quilting. I have yet to do any freemotion quilting on anything but scraps. It looks great!


Absolutely amazing. Wonderful colors, too.


daria!!!! it is amazing. i am sure your sister must love it.


also, what are quilting gloves?


the quilt is amazing! i am so impressed with how you took on the quilting on your own! beautiful! -kb

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