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I use plain ol' pink rubber gloves for quilting - they're grippy, they fit, they're cheap, and they were available when I desperately had to start my last project at 6 PM. (They're sweaty, of course!)

*Loved* the wedding quilt. For my next project I'm considering making cushions that will - how you say? - be the sincerest form of flattery.

Mama Urchin

I love the potential of that last photo.


oooh! look at all that exciting stuff!

do you have any tips for starting a quilting notebook? i am a total stress case about matching fabrics and figuring out which ones would work best with which quilt patterns, and a notebook to try things out before cutting sounds brilliant, though I haven't any idea how to organize it!


The wedding quilt is lovely! I *heart* the loopy quilting.

The words quilt and school auction just made me panic...I am the "sewing coordinator" at my daughter's school and that involves making a quilt for an auction in two months and I have never made a quilt in my life. I guess I can't stay in denial much longer.

Your looks like it will be fabulous.


ah, loopy quilting - such a beautiful technique & effect! thanks for explaining what you did, I've been under the impression that it was strictly a machine technique. my novice quilting head is still wrapping itself around it all!

and your new quilt plans look just wonderful! i can't wait to read & see more :)


Wow, the quilting notebook sounds so organized! I never thought of doing such a thing, but I can see how that could really help! Thanks for the idea!


this block is terrific--I love those wonky "log" cabins-- as well your "wedding quilt" is a beauty!


CAN'T WAIT to see that next quilt!!! it's gonna be gorgeous.


thank you. i get it now.

love that last photo and all the colors you are using.


ohh a very inspiring photo. I'm not sure I'd ever complete an entire quilt like you did but a quilting notebook...wow....now that's the ULTIMATE scrapbook.... I bet Id be great at planning a quilt...yep planning them sounds fun....but finishing..hmm?


Did you get my email?


Love it! Where'd you pick up the gloves?


'School auction season & I are staring down the long lonely stretch of road at each other, revving our engines.'- THAT is funny. :) I will giggle at that all day now.

I can't wait to see how the quilt turns out. Looks amazing on the paper.


I have the Fons & Porter gloves too, in a size small (the red ones) and they are indeed small. They're great, I couldn't quilt without them.

Your quilt is gorgeous!


ok not to be a dork but what are quilting gloves for??? why do you need them? what's their purpose?


If regular rubber gloves are too sweaty, you can cut the fingers off and just use the fingertips. (I read that in one of Sue Nickels's books.)

I have yet to use the free motion quilting foot that I bought (gasp) 10 years ago, but I have some projects in mind--need to go to the store and get some gloves!

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