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hey! love reading your updates with all their crafty deliciousness. am astonished to discover myself lusting after boots that belong to your daughter. how hip she must be?

email me!

i miss you. despite our periods of non-correspondence, i think of you all the time and miss you. like crazy. i never stop being homesick. sheesh. come visit!

speaking of visiting, we are almost definitely coming to seattle for 2 weeks in early-mid july. woo!


Your location was refreshing for us shoppers, as it provided a bit of breathing room! I was there specifically to get more bobby pins for my teenage nieces, turning left instead of right "forced" me to see the whole show before I got to you! I only managed to splurge on some silk/merino yarn from Spincycle Yarns, but I could have done some serious damage if I'd been buying for myself!


HI D! Your little bits of glitter have cheered me up on this very dreary day (lamps on all day really gets me cranky. I left us hanging on coffee, everything is randomly scheduled these days, hence making me crazy, does that make sense? Let me get it all together and I'll be in touch. xo


all this and you got me my stuff in such a timely way. you are amazing. I've never lusted after a pair of children's boots before, but I WANT THOSE BOOTS!


Congratulations on the show. Have you ever considered coming down to Olympia for Duck the Malls--I bet your stuff would sell like hotcakes!

I am seriously struggling with the poor NW lighting for my photo taking, too. Your pillows look great though!

Ditto on the boots...and I'm not a boot wearing person.


Booth looks great - nice to have that well placed light. Love the kids drawings of houses, almost all my drawings as a kid were of houses (foreshadowing). Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow.


Thank you so much for sharing how it went at your two shows! It was so much fun to read about it and hear that it went well. It must be lovely fun to sell all that glitter and the gorgeous pillows!


Your pillows are great. I can't believe how well made they look. The color and & pattern combinations are amazing!

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