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it all looks so pretty. have a great show!


I really wish I lived in Seattle so I could come to the show. Your glitter looks awesome, and as always, love the pillows.


I am so sorry I missed it, I really wanted to come, but B and I were REALLY sick this weekend and didn't want to share with everyone. Hope it went really well!


I hope it went well. The snow was kind of a bummer for this kind of thing, wasn't it?


I hope it went well and that you had a great turnout...I love seeing your pillows all piled up like that!


i just learned of your products, in all of their sparkly goodness, today, via the not martha blog. i feel as if i've died and gone to glitter heaven. i can't wait till you add more pieces to your website and etsy shop. those glitter charms are to die for. cheers - a new reader


i absolutely love those pillows. you are so talented!


The pillows are so pretty. I have been wanting to make some similar to yours! I also think your fingerless gloves are great. Now I am wondering how it went with the show!? I hope you will tell all about it! I just made a post of me doing some shows a few years ago. It is so fun to think back to all the work and excitement of it! I hope it went well.


Don't know if you'll see this... but I want one of your rings!! They are soo cool!
Clicked over from Wisecraft, and will start watching your blog as well. So much to inspire me...


hi i just want to ask if you don;t mind...if where i can buy a ring slasp? to make a button ring? thank you so much for reading...i really appreciate ig i hope i coul dget a reply...anyway your stuff are so cute i love them...


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I love seeing your pillows all piled up like that!

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