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Great idea! I gotta say, I love Soule Mama, but I like your version better. They loook so sweet and colorful stacked together like that. Thanks for sharing!


Oh your books are so adorable! Using some of your ideas I made a quick book for my little one and posted about it on my moms blog: Laugh-learn-Love@blogspot.com. Now that I see how easy it is, I'll make some nicer ones, with cardstock covers. Thanks for the idea.

kako ito

nice n, handy

Mel M. M. M.

Absolutely adorable! Thank you SO much for sharing how you made these gorgeous books. :0)

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Great idea using the clamps to keep the paper in place. I always just bind our books with a longer stitch on the sewing machine, but sometimes the paper moves.

metrosupial designs

Great idea using the clamps to keep the paper in place. I always just bind our books with a longer stitch on the sewing machine, but sometimes the paper moves.


Awesome! Thanks for the great tutorial!


I've been busy making these for my boys the last few days. They are awesome! Thanks so much! I love the use of embroidery floss instead of staples. It just makes it "nicer" somehow. I was having difficulty finding something to make the tiny holes, so I decided to use my sewing machine needle (note to self: change needle before beginning new sewing project) to punch the holes in the paper. That worked great, and it's a nice, tiny hole that fits the embroidery floss perfectly.


Your blog is beautiful. I love the photo of the stack of books. I've made these for my kids and they love them. Now I can't look at little scraps or half-sheets of paper in the same way. It all looks like a book about to happen.


I loved this idea so much, I sat down and made ten today. Primary colors, for my son's little girlfriend (he's 5, she's 4). They are really easy to make, he made a few before other things were more interesting. I'm going to have to invest in another hole punch though, I have one of those bang-on-it eyelet setters and I guess I killed it today.

Sun-Kissed Savages

This is fantastic!! I think I'll make and wrap large ones for under-the-tree and some mini-books for the stockings!


I would have loved to make some of these as a kid! I know a few kiddos who are going to be very happy when mommy makes some of these for them. :)


Martha Stewart Crafts (and her display at Michaels) has a Screw Punch and so does Making Memories, just search their sites. I just use an awl and a hammer b/c somehow $25 seems pretty steep. That said it does come with a few different tips.

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ed hardy

Love the necklace! Etsy it up!

Make handmade

Great tutorial for kids, thanks


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