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Oh, I love them with the embroidery floss! And the rainbow stack of blank books would inspire anyone. It is such a good idea--enjoyable for the kids to make and then entertaining for them to read many times in the future.


That is a great idea for little books to color in -- thanks for sharing!


thanks for the little tutorial. that post of amanda's did it for me, too. i thought that a nice stack of these and a color pencil roll would make a great bday party favor or present. you know i hate the junk.


I really like the idea of the floss instead of stapling. Where did you get a punch like that? I have not seen one like that before. Thanks for how to.


Hmm i could really see selling theese if they had something nice and sparkely on thr front..i wonder who might be able to do that " =]


I love this idea! my kids are always writing books...and it would be great to have them made with cardstock (sturdier)ahead of time. I love the floss idea, too. it's much cuter than plain old staples! your stack of books looks fab. :)


Great idea, I may need to whip up a few for all the little cousin's in our lives for Christmas!


Thank you soooooo much for these instructions!


I'm going to try my hand at this. I think maybe even I will be able to do it! Where did you find that cool punch? I just got back from Office Max, Staples and JoAnn and was unable to find one.

melissa deakin

thanks so much for sharing this!
i need to get one of those punches.
thanks again!


I adore this idea! Thanks for the instructions!


awesome! I love this method of binding - and you explained it so well! Calvin's been using elastics, which are only marginally successful. But we should try this! Thank you!!


I have just made a few of these, and all I did to make the holes was use a large embroidery type needle to pierce through the card and paper, it worked a treat. Although I do like the look of that hole punch you used (but in the UK you never see cool stuff like that- well I don't!) Thank you so much for the step by step guide, as usual v v helpful!


Thanks for the tutorial. I am going to *attempt* to make them for all the kids in my kids' classes for christmas. *attempt* as in trying to get 80+ done in 3 weeks. :) Thanks again.


Thanks so much for this! I made a few with my kids and we plan to make more for gifts! :)

la vie en rose

be still my heart! every little book lovers dream...i can't wait to make a whole slew of 'em...


Oh, more gift ideas- perfect! I can't wait to whip some of these up. Thanks you.


Yay, more gift ideas- perfect! I can't wait to whip some of these up. Thank you.


Just made a few for a gift exchange and they turned out great. Found a punch you use with a hammer (could not find one like you have) and it worked really well but gave my sleeping husband a bit of a scare. Thanks again!


What a wonderful idea. I love it!


Love it love it can't wait to try it in every color combo! Our house too has piles of books-in-process (my 4 has a thing for staples but my 9 sews them in a different way than yours)... so much paper is in our house, in fact, I'm convinced we're a five alarm fire waiting for a match!


thanks so much for the tutorial! i made a stash of books and then used a book making book to make another book, with a coptic binding, in which we chronicled our visit to a farm!

Snippety Gibbet

So funny. After reading SouleMama's post about the writing center for her kids, I made them as Christmas presents for my neices. They were a big hit!

Ithaca Waldorf Handworks

Beautiful. I am going to make a bunch load for my sons first grade class. I will post them when I am done :).


Thank you for solving my no-junk-gifts dilemma. I made enought tonight to give each chld in my daughter's preschool class three spiffy books for graduation. I used cotton perle instead of floss and tomorrow we'll make some gift tags to match the covers.

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