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oh! i want a beautiful moping chair, too! and i'm diggin' those gloves.


what a fantastic hord of goodies. i love the chair and the spoon prints.


I needed a moping chair yesterday, although I feel sure that mine would not have been as lovely and artful.

Lower Queen Anne drives me nutty too, I think it even confuses google maps half the time!


That is a serious lot of good mail. Why oh why didn't I buy that Julie Morstad print? I waffled about it that evening. I could have gotten one... argh. But honestly, I love the sink even one more.


love the 80's - great glove!


Love that moping chair...! I've got a secret love for the 80's gloves, too....I think I should make myself some next winter. :p


oh my god! the madonna comment cracked me up it is so true! I have a pair for Halloween with partial fingertips so those fake witch fingertips peek through.


as long as you don't get a silvery white, glittery glove to satisfy the inner michael jackson in you, i think we are okay.

these are cute!

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