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Umm...yum?? I can SO handle something like that! We love squash (though, since marrying an Aussie, I have the lazy habit of calling all winter squash pumpkin now), pasta, and garlicky buttery greens! Sounds like a dish fit for the gods! :D

Sarah Jackson

Oh wow, that looks amazing. I think you've inspired me for the weekend. I have that book (the big one) and don't use it often enough. Thanks for the reminder!


i have about 5 butternut squashes sitting here along with some pie pumpkins....this sounds like just the ticket!


Daria - Amazing! Thanks for sharing! We are vegetarian too (sometimes cheating with seafood) and I always wonder what brings (and keeps) people to vegetarianism... For us it was the book The China Study, have you read it? Anyways, I'm wondering if you have any of the Bloodroot vegetarian cookbooks and if you're strictly vegan? They just came out with their first vegan book - bloodroot.com. xo C

Miss Eagle

Just like you with the ravioli, I'm like that here in Melbourne, Australia only it's risotto. Now I love risotto. Make a mean one myself. And I am usually well satisfied with other Melbourne risottos but why does it always have to be either the best dish or the only dish for vegetarians on the menu?

Blessings and bliss

Alison from Etsy's The Storque

Great recipes! Such good fall food, and great recommendations for vegan options. We'd love to feature this sort of stuff on The Storque. Check us out sometime!

pandora armband

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