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The pillow shelf really works. Shows off your work in the nicest way!


now I don't know WHICH one I want, and they look like they'd resent being split up, which means I'll need to bring home more than one. I'm serious. Can you hold or do I need to camp out the night before the trunk show?


beautiful display. i think i'm needing one of those pillows. so pretty!

melissa f.

i'm with blair, but i probably am only allowed one, so i'm going to be thinking hard about this.


i'd snap up any of those pillows! they are just gorgeous, daria.

melissa deakin

these are so gorgeous!
your work is incredible!


i am completely smitten with each and every one of your pillows. the display is lovely.


The pillows look great. And thanks for posting the Marzipan links - my inlaws send us tubes of it from Sweden every year and I never know what I'm supposed to do with it. The pumpkin cake is adorable.


Love the pillows, I think they look great and very colorful. Can't wait for the show. I see some yellow in there :)

jjennifer Paganellli

amazing so fresh so modern you go girl..Jennifer


You are totally right about the garden cake! I distinctly remember that the original cake -- way back on Martha's first tv show -- was a sheet cake, with nice little patches of vegetables. (That's probably why you liked it -- reminiscent of the geometry of your pillows).

Love your blog. Just discovered it today via Swallowfield.

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