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have you ever done ceramics on a potter's wheel. it's kinda the same feeling. strong stiff hands, wrists, and forearms, will a gently touch with the fingers...a slight pressure and movement. i heart free hand qyilting!! i actually bought a new sewing machine specifically for that feature!
your pillows look wonderful!! i agree about the Overstuffed vs. floppy, too!


I just spent some time reading your blog and I love what you have made! you do such a nice job on your projects and your photography is stunning.

about free-motion quilting (I just finished quilting a queen size on my regular machine) practice, practice, practice. after several quilts, I finally feel comfortable with the quilting part and actually look forward to it now. I never would have dreamed...


They're really wonderful.


I love how you dive right in and learn the "correct method" later! Bravo on your free-hand machine quilting - it looks great. I just finished hand-quilting a queen sized quilt because I was so intimidated by the idea of squishing it under the machine WHILE trying to coordinate my foot/eye/hands. Acckkk! But I really want to learn....

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