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Your free motion quilting is absolutely beautiful! That pillow is stunning!


coin stack away! I love it. Will you demonstrate that quilting for me sometime? It seems daunting to me even on a pillow.

And I totally agree, that book is gorgeous! Truly gorgeous! Ian and I were browsing in Barnes & Noble the other day and I grabbed the book to look through while letting him browse the kid's section and I swear I forgot what I was doing I was so engrossed, just looking though it that quickly!


the book is lovely....i am waiting for my copy to arrive, but had a sneak peek at it while in purl this summer. so much good stuff in there.

your pillow is lovely. free motion quilting scares me. maybe a pillow will make it less daunting?


adorable! you did a GREAT job on the free hand embroidery! that's no easy task!

say hi to Snaps for me...he's so sweet! ;)


those pillows! is that stitching that makes those curly "coinstacks"? god, i love that. please please please come visit! we would have the greatest time evah! you know that, right?

i miss you. the new house is fab. i have been fighting truly the most evil sinus infection ever. it plagued me for a month before i finally caved and went to the doc. a new doc! a fab doc! who believes in homeopathy, etc., and is doing a longterm homeopathic treatment to try and address the sinus infection problem; but she admitted that to get rid of an infection that's already taken root, well, antibiotics is really the only way to go (to have it be totally reliable). so i took this unbelievably heinous 5 day course of antibiotics. awful!

that was totally off topic and inappropriate for your blog. why am i not writing you an email? i get started here with just a comment and then things snowball and before i know it there's an entire letter.

love love love


Wow, that's free motion? You're my hero.


Wow! I love your free motion stitching. I seriously thought to myself, what machine does she have that she can program that stitch!
It's beautiful and inspiring.

I'm really impressed. The pillow is fabulous!


Of course you realize that after reading this post - I immediately went to iTunes and listened to "Bizarre Love Triangle". And then looped it so I, too, could listen over and over and...

And speaking of loops? I am absolutely over-the-moon loopy for your latest pillow! It's too fabulous for words....

jen b

in love with this pillow!


Lovely! I love the quilting.

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