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I love the colors you used. It's adorable!


love your choice of fabrics + colours.
It's beautiful.


I love it! My recent pillow ended up with a velcro closure. Terrible!


oh so beautiful. i know whatcha mean about Zipper. He's nice and all....but Snaps sure does take the cake! He's a keeper!


i love the pillow!

did you follow my zipper tutorial? cause if you did and had problems i want to know...


Love the shape and snaps on the back - looks great!


its sooooo cute! Nice work D. And you knew you couldn't stay monogamous with the zipper forever, right? Its just too much to ask for. Snaps are fantastic!

jen b

the color scheme you used for this is so unique yet it all goes together perfectly.

Jaclyn Bailey

Hi! I know that this is random.... but I am really trying to find out where I can find that elephant fabric that you used in this pillow! My daughter is obsessed with Elephants and I wanted a really basic elephant fabric and this one is perfect! PLEASE! I AM BEGGING FOR HELP!!!!!! Thank you!

Kate T

Where did you find that elephant fabric? Is that pillow available for purchase?

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