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it looks great, daria!


such an eye catching quilt. i am usually not a red person ( very orange actually, lol) but i love it with that grey.


i have been loving your loop-dee-loops...they are my favorite doodle & now i am inspired to try on the sewing machine...if only i knew how...i think it has something to do with feeding dogs, oh feed dogs, yes, whatever that means...thanks for the visual delights:)


I know what you mean about orange, but once I started using it I couldn't stop and now everything seems to have orange in it. I love your swirly quilting. I should try it if I can manage to freehand without breaking 50 needles.


aaah, Red. Red and I just had our first date a few days ago. Red was very sweet, kind, and a simply lovely guest to have on the sewing machine. And...Red sold from the Shop yesterday! yay for Red!


I apologize if this sounds at all stalkerish, but I wish I could watch you doing the loop-de-looping. I just have no idea how to make my machine / my fabric / my thread do that so perfectly in little rows all the way across. Is it quick? slow? agonizing? It looks fantastic.


I know the red is really the focus (and it is lovely) but the gray is beautiful. It makes everything really pop!



My damn feed dogs won't go down, so I can't try any of this fancy foot work. Ack!


I love your obsessive programming! your patchwork and your pillows are wonderful...

I love the red thread. you just never know what supplies you might need.

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