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Weren't those 2 days of summer great?
The papier mache project takes me right back to my childhood. We once made heads for handpuppets that way, shaping noses and ears out of the paper too. It was so much fun.
I love the little cherry tomatoes. Did you plant them from seed? I've found that around here I have to buy a BIG tomato plant to have any hope of tomatoes before winter. Especially this year.


I don't know how they manage to make the clothes on those pattern envelope look soooo scary. I wonder if its intentional. I love the colors of the twill tape, if you need someone to take some off your hands for experimental sewing. I'm just sayin....


lots of goodness going on over there! how did you dye the twill tape? good old rit or something else? i have some stuff i want to die and i like how saturated your colors are.

Mama Urchin

Love love love the twill tape. Please share how you dyed it or tell us what we can do to get on your good side :)

I also got a book from Sally and I considered that one you got. I love the styling too.


I bought those same dots for the very same reason! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Consider yourself bookmarked!


Dear lord! I was always upset that twill tape didn't come in the colors I needed and I can't believe I didn't think of dyeing it. Your colors came out very well - so pretty!


Can't wait to see the space helmet :)


where do you find the twill tape in cotton. i have looked at both hancocks and hobby lobby and can only find it in polyester

ed hardy

Love the necklace! Etsy it up!

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