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Sooo cute!! What little girl wouldn't love this gift?

As for the space helmet? Girl power!

Mama Urchin

What a fun gift - for the four year old if not for you.


totally loving the little softie. too precious. i am scrolling really fast on the pics so mu daughter wont see them and demand tha ti make her one. lol.


you've shown me a whole new side of ballet theme, seriously. It looks great, I see things like this and wish I'd take the time to sew more birthday gifts. And that helmet, that is the schizz nitz, seriously. : )

Melissa H

Moopyrina is my new favorite word! This is a fabulous gift, I hope the little dumpling adored it!


love that space helmet!

and the birthday gift is fab - well done!

melissa deakin

what a lovely gift.
i bet this little girl
was so happy to
receive it.
gorgeous work!


that moopyrina? Best thing I've seen all summer!

Love it all...


yummy bag! looks like your daughter will grow to be just as crafty as her mama. totally wish i had a matching space helmet!;)


I love the bag and the ballerina minimoopy. I bet the girl adores it, what a fabulous gift. I'm finding your blog v inspirational.


Very cute bag, and I adore your sparkly mooperina! :-) cuuute!

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Retro Jordan

In overcast conditions the skylight is always blue (clear skies are needed for the pink light) and it is generally much darker, with night falling much more quickly.

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