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oh get some more zippers! Those came out sooo cute. Love them all... your choices of fabric are super :)


Thanks so much for that link, I've been having trouble with zippers for weeks and that did the trick. Cute bags!


ok, you are a machine...these are so cute! Did you stop to eat?


Sooooo cute. Might have to try some of these. Thanks.


Those are wonderful--and thanks for the link to the tutorial! Just wondering if you would mind sharing who makes that awesome elephant fabric...


those are great!


eek! love them!


Oh, so fun! Hey, you know, you really ought to dash out today and get some more zippers.


So funny! You won't have any storage issues for small things for a while. Or maybe you just have a couple of really nice gift bags...


Wow, you were busy! I love them! Did you embroider the needle and thread on the last one?

melissa deakin

now you are a zipper expert.
you have inspired me...i may just
have to try a zipper now.
i taught myself how to do a button hole last weekend..i felt like this was huge accomplishment!
love these bags...gorgeous fabrics!


good grief, as always i -love- those teeny bags! all of them. most especially the elephant one. you are my craft inspiration. did you know that?

we're in nyons — arrived last wednesday. here 'til the end of august. the mouton's rentrée is aug 29, so we'll head back to bordeaux on the 27 or so. internet here is fully functional. i'll email you. not tonight, but soon.



Here's another really good tutorial for zippered pouches. http://www.twelve22.org/2006/07/zipper_tutorial.html


those look great!


Thanks for the link! The same thing happened to me today. I faced my fear of zippers and made the bad from Bend the Rules. I was feeling so good about it until I came to the last step!

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