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So good to have you back! I really thought you had disapeared on us!


so glad to see you here!
i was wondering where you have been!


happy to see you back again! i was excited to see all your photos over on flickr - you have been busy!


I know where you can unload some of those tomatoes. There is this little mid-century home in South Seattle with a sweet little couple that didn't get their tomato plants in on time. Yeah, they could use some tomatoes :).

I can't remember if I've de-lurked or not. If not, HI! Totally dig your work.


re: killer tomato plants:

the best tomato cages ever can be made out of wire re-enforcing mesh for poured concrete, which is available by the roll at your local big box hardware store. i had seven foot tall plants, and this was the only thing that saved me.

see here: http://www.organicgardening.com/feature/0,7518,s1-26-27-1517,00.html


Home-grown tomaotes--yum! And with this heat, they're going to be good.


Nice job! It's it nice when things come out well :) Oh and nothing beats home-grown tomatoes!


Welcome back! Those tomatoes are very impressive. I always buy very big plants at the end of May and that way end up with great tomatoes in spite of the short season. The clematis is lovely. I think I have two of those same ones in the backyard.


Hi!!! I've missed you! Glad, so glad you're back. I keep thinking of you as I am out shopping for these empire waisted, full tops that are so unavoidable in every store. That day we were at J Crew together, we should have discussed more technically exactly where on the boobs the seam/waist should or should not hit so I wouldn't have to keep trying on every single one that could even remotely be possible! (My God, was that the longest run on sentence ever??) The heat is getting to me.

Wading pools? Playdates? We're open. xo


look at your garden! i wish i could come see it in person. that clematis is sensational. and the tomatoes! also, i love the little path! is it filled with gravel?

i've been composing email to you every day, but it's always in my head. i need to sit down at the computer and make it virtual instead of mental. or whatever.


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