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I can't believe how busy you've been! Everything looks just great. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be leftover belt buckles. Too cold for the park for us today, we're probably coming home after school, or maybe a trip to the library. What about you?


holy glitter batman! you have been a busy gal, daria. wish i could see it all in person. have fun at maker faire.

jen t

oh my, i am totally in love with those belt buckles!!!


the new belt buckles are so, so good.
have a great time at maker faire!!


Ah... I just put two and two together with Dacia's invite/the faire/where you are. I'm so, so slow! I totally hear your frustration with the lack of sun and it must be totally magnified with glittery things to photograph. I love the belt buckles! Have a great time at the fair!


Uh, faire...


so pretty! i DO love glitter!!



any chance you'd be willing to share your source for the blanks?


all your things are so beautiful, but I do especially love the belt buckle!


The belt buckle looks so cool. I really like the oval one, too, though, I would buy both!


Wow, this is all so gorgeous!


Makes me wish i could come along to the faire! Also makes me wish I was thin enough to show off a belt buckle!!!

sara, the house of charm

I bought hair pins from you and all my girlfriend adore them!! I guess I should give them my source... ^_-


Those belt buckles are so cool! The comment about Seattle cracks me up!

karla nathan

That medium is so cool! I have never seen it before.

Alicia P.

Pretty pretty pretty!


The belt buckles are faboo!

I have skinny chicken claw fingers and would absolutely adore a ring if you have leftovers at some point that might fit me (4 1/2, but I could manage a 5). Any color combo.

Seriously. Love to buy a ring. Would DIE to have one.


Those belt buckles are FAB! I can't wait to see whats left over!


So cute.....I just love the belt buckle! The glitter and its clean lines create such a nice juxtaposition.


THe belt bucket is amazing.. I love your work!


I love those bobby pins!! I just found your blog & etsy and hopefully when I can buy some there's pink ones left. :)


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Usually, there's pork, sometimes shrimp, too, if it's handy. Then some carrot and celery matchsticks and chopped onion and garlic. I can never make mine taste like my mom's, though. I didn't pay enough attention when I was a kid.

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I love seeing your pillows all piled up like that!

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