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Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

Hello sweet Daria ! I love this project you made it's really cute ! I guess my cats would try to eat it so I should make one with really hard fabric LOL ! Did you receive my mail ?? I'm sorry to insist ! Can I send your parcel ?! Enormous smooches from Belgium !


Love that: "action shot." Good work! And you're inspiring me to use some of my favorite fabrics in the home for things we use all the time: bibs, etc. It makes me happy. Thanks!

Account Deleted

i love it, regardless of size! though the new and improved version looks easier to handle, for sure.


Leave it up to husbands to find a scientific/mathematical link in everything.

Now you have enough beans to make another door stop!!!


it's totally adorable. and i'm digging your floors, btw.


i am glad it worked out better this time around!


super cute!!

little special

well done! glad you now have a doorstop that isn't threatening to spill a tonne of beans on your floor!


Lynn in Tucson

Speaking of the omop, are those hardwood floors in your photos? The Method floor cleaner is okay to use on them?


i love that elephant fabric, i bought some myself!


"action shot!" I LOVE it!


I found you via "the felt mouse" what a great idea. Love it. thanks for the inspiration :)


That is truly gorgeous, and very inspiring!!!


That's fantastic! I HAVE to make one so we can finally give up the soccer ball filled with beans I made in 7th grade. Somehow it doesn't look right in my master bedroom. I love your blog, so happy I found it.


I have been making fabric doorstops, and I looked at what sizesshops were selling and went with their dimensions, which turned out to be huge. Luckily I had read your downsizing blog, which gave me the gumption to unstitch and resize mine, so thank you for that.


I have been looking for "the perfect" elephant fabric everywhere...care to share your source?


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