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Your weekend does sound quite heavenly! (and with good parking to boot!)

Here's hoping the goodness just keeps on coming and that Real Life does take the hint...


just reading about your weekend was a lot of fun!
glad you had a chance to get away.


yikes! sounds like you had a wonderful getaway. those cupcakes look delish!


That sounds like just the best weekend! And you picked out some wonderful fabric. Can you tell me what that bottom floral print is under the Project Three fabrics? It goes perfectly with a pillow my mother has and I thought of making another pillow for her. Also, your squares are very squarey, I'm sure not at all contrary and I like the colors. :0)

jen j-m

oh, i am so jealous. it all sounds heavenly.

melissa f.

i forgot to warn you about veganopolis-- next time you come i'll hit you up with some other ideas. where did you guys stay?

Meegan Blue

Glad you had fun! Going up to 23rd would have totaly ruined you're string of good parking luck, so it's even better that you chose to hang out on Belmont instead! Isn't Polliwog awesome?!?


what are you going to do with the printer numbers?
I am salivating at the thought of going to all those wonderful stores!


I've been reading thru your blog after someone directed me to your hilarious stories of the doorstop. It took me getting to the Portland stories to connect: I LOVE YOUR GLITTER CARDS AND TOTALLY USE THEM!!! I have the Content/Care cards and love, love, love them! Each time I make a gift, I deliciously deliberate over which little card matches the best. I teach sewing classes at Bolt, so got them there! :) Yay!

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