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it's coming daria! this weekend at the latest...

hope your migraine is gone - those suck.

the little granny squares are so precious. my spring break project is to learn to crochet because the sewing machine is going in to get a tune-up. i have to be able to do something, you know?

Meegan Blue

Sorry about the headache. Let me know if you come up with a pattern for cool summery wide-leg pants...Zoe could use some too!


Love the sweet little skirt! I think I might make a couple when you finish the tutorial.


The skirt looks great. I think I'd like to try that pattern.


the pants tutorial from http://redcurrent.blogspot.com/2005/04/kids-pants-tutorial.html works great. I have used corduroy and cut up some old stripped tees with good results. Good luck and love the skirt.


Oh, the skirt, the skirts! Could you let me know the patterns for the skirt with the yoke and the gathered one with pockets pictured in an older blog? I was inspired, by the blog, to go out and buy fabric, a thing I haven't done for ten years or so when I gave up quilting. So, I'm poised to begin all I need are the patterns. I hope you haven't started me on another fabric acquiring obsession. My husband may kill me.

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Usually, there's pork, sometimes shrimp, too, if it's handy. Then some carrot and celery matchsticks and chopped onion and garlic. I can never make mine taste like my mom's, though. I didn't pay enough attention when I was a kid.

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