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love the flannel you picked up!



I am close to needing to physically restrain myself from leaping up from my desk RIGHT THIS MOMENT to drive to a JoAnn in search of that fabric!


jen t

Love that fabric! My daughter got a sewing machine for christmas and used it for her first pillow sewing project.


that fabric looks like so much fun!

and i love the clothespin boy


A wonderful find! I'll have to check with our Jo-anns and see if they have that fun print.


ohh i love the clothespin boy. i made some that were girls and my daughter went crazy for them. i know what you mean about them getting excited about the old fashion toy and forgetting (if only for a while) about their modern dolls. my son has been begging me to make one for him too and i was afraid that the leg split would be too high but now that i see yours i think i will have to give it a go. thanks


I have been eyeballing that flannel everytime I go to Joanns. It really is so sweet but I just don't sew a lot of flannel. But it is so cute! Maybe next time. I did get some cute Alexander Henry stuff yesterday from there for $4.99 a yard. I like that they are having more of that sort of thing at ol' Joanns.


Came across your blog today and am LOVING it!!
I don't have a Joann's near my city, and (I realize I'm a total stranger) I'm wondering if you would ever consider picking up some of that extra AH fabric? I would be willing to pay for its cost, shipping, and a finder's fee... :) THanks!!


awesome site! You've got some very cute stuff! Check out my knitted stuff at www.knitnstuff.blogspot.com

anthony morrow

i was browsing design sites and gocco sites when i came across yours
i wanted to let you know that the flannel's at joanne fabrics are released by the reps AOK.
the artist is an acquaintance of mine. if you would like to see more of the same work by that wonderful artist, his name is johnny yanok. he and his wife create irresistible retro modern work.
google artistst of kolea baker
and johnny yanok illustrations

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