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Yeah, it does! If it were overplanned, it would lose it's contemporary charm. The pillow looks great; I love the details on the back.


i love the pillow...
the ribbons and the stitching
are sweet.


wonderful wonderful pillow. Love the back!

melissa f.

i prefer the parallel stitching too-- less pulling which makes everything really shine. beautiful work.


GORGEOUS! Yep, that parallel stitching does it for me too, I love the way it looks.

I get some weird comfort that so many of us are in school auction mode at the moment.


i love the pillow. great job! and i'm right there with you in "school auction mode", as blair put it...

Meegan Blue

Ack! Sign me up on the list for that school auction mode as well...I got myself roped into the Kindergarden class project when in reality I'd *much* rather be doing something as fun and beautiful as your pillow. Gorgeous!


The combination of all the fabrics - especially the letters - and the vertical stitching really makes for a good-looking pillow. I love your modern reinvention of the traditional pattern!


i love this pillow so much.
it's perfect!

Crystal T

The pillow is perfect!!


i love your pillow and that quilt...to die for! i think you are right, it does look like something you would just work on a bit at a time and then - bam! - you'd have a mighty fine quilt.

Sara, The Wine Mskers wife

Absoluetly, the parralel stitching is lovely. Makes the whole pillow cover. Gorgeous!!!


Oh, corduroy, I love you. Your whole pillow turned out beautiful! The quilting is just right, good decision to do it this way.


The pillow looks fantastic! I love all the different fabrics and the corduroy. Which craft book is that quilt in?

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