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Thumbprint valentines, so good! I especially love the one behind that looks like it could be two people in some sort of locked, smile nuzzle!


thumbprint valentines are brilliant!


those valentines are so sweet!


those are just about the best kid valentine's I've ever seen! thumbprints! Ack!

I don't think any of us could write around here if we didn't have sharpies. An assortment of tip sizes please. Emma thought she had really grown up the day we let her use one.


for EVERYthing.
Black sharpies are just about the only ink products i use :)

(do not be surprised if you see more from me soon, i think i like it here...)

Give LDS Gifts

I LOVE the thumbprint idea and linked to you here: http://giveldsgifts.com/valentines-kids-can-make.html

Thanks for the great idea!

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