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ha! i was praying to the weather gods this morning, too.

grippily is an excellent term.


Did you have the little 3/4 sized Janome? I have that machine -- well, the Kenmore version, which is identical -- and I love it! Great machine to learn on. And mine's blue, which is adorable.

I wonder what the world would look like if everything was tufted? Makes me giggle to think about.


I am crying....crying you hear me?????

All those MCI and that patchwork all laid out looks so nice, I should be at your house for some proper inspiration today.


Your post today reminded me of a favorite Emerson quote that goes something like, ... what others can do for you is nothing compared to what you can do for yourself... I'm sure I've just about butchered it, but that's the idea. I love the blogs because it is so inspiring to see how many people are just trying things and learning things and lifting the world by making their own piece of it just a bit more beautiful. Your posts are simply lovely. :)

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