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jen j-m

oh dear.
great idea for the curtains. damn the practicalities!


I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that! Don't you just want to throw the whole thing in a corner????


i love the shade. something will work out.
also, i am laughing at that naughty cat!


AHHHHH! I just had a day like this. This can all be fixed, I feel hopeful somehow.




Not that it makes you feel any better at all - but know you're not alone... we've all done something similar.

Set it aside for a day or two - and then I have no doubt that you'll discover a clever and crafty fix!

(and she's awful cute for an old-lady, felt-eatin' girl...)


Nice repurpose, and a quick turn around at that. Glad it had a happy ending, save for the felt-tinged hair balls that might or might not have resulted. Silly kitty.

Rebecca S

So happy I found your blog. Stop by my blog for my latest cat story (knew I should've stuck with dogs). Love your fun site!


Interesting about the cat. We have big white cat, and he eats wool (and cashmere too, the horror of it!). Lots of it. Expensive sweaters, felt, you name it. I asked the vet about it, well several vets actually, and they all said that it is normal for dogs to do that, but they had never heard of a wool eating cat. I am somewhat relieved to hear my cat is not alone in his wool love! (Although, sorry you lost some felt in the process.)


I was reading through some of your archives, and this one made me laugh out loud. Cats.

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