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Oooh - how exactly do you fry the sage leaves? Literally just drop 'em in some hot oil until they get crispy, or is there more to it than that???

Soup and bread both look wonderful - are you, by any chance, a recipe sharer??

(and as long as I am asking a brazillion pesky questions - do you ever make creepy tees for grownups???)


I can't wait to get mine!


Do you have glitter all over your house the way we used to have cat hair? I'm just curious. (I myself would much prefer the glitter). : )

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

Hello sweetie ! Can I come and taste your wonderful potage ?!!! Did you get my last email ?! I hope so !! I don't have blog anymore for a little time but I still be there in the blogosphere ! I'm waiting for your news :)


Yummy looking dinner--now I have to go check out my sage plant and see what's in the pantry to puree...

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