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So glad the first day of Kindergarten was a success!

As for your resin beauties - all I can do is quote one of my son's favorite cartoons*: "Pretty Pretty Shiny Shiny!"

*"My Gym Partner is a Monkey"

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

Oh when I saw this first picture I couldn't take off my head the idea that it will be my son in few months (in january) and I have so much indescribable feelings inside my heart ! Kind of horror, sadness, pride,... Do we lost these feelings quickly, do you think ?? I'm so afraid and ashamed to be :(


Hi!!! The resin is so cool! If by ring blanks you mean rings that have a flat circle at the top so you can attach things to it...try artchixstudio.com. They have some that I used for my daughter's birthday party last year - they're adjustable, NOT sterling, but perfect for the age group you're looking for!


what a 'glittery good'! :)

jen j-m

This cracked me up!
"ok, whatever ridiculous parenting blunders we've made over the past five years, at least we managed to produce someone who had a good first day of kindergarten."
I'm so happy his first day was a good one.
And I am totally digging those glittery plastic RINGS! They're sparkle-rific!


i love the ring so much!
and happy 1st day of school to you and yours!!


Hi there! Your resin jewelry is absolutly amazingly sparkishly beautiful. I love most things that sparkle and I cant get over how wonderful your rings look.
I have a question for you...what did you use to get started working with resin. I have been trying to find out as much as I can about working with resin, and I am finding it hard to find any information at all...even *gasp* online. If you could give me some advice on where to look for info to get started I would deeply appreciate it :)
Thanks either way,

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