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I might have to check it out! I am a sucker for silent auctions :) I do yoga and there are generally lots of yoga gift certificates at silent auctions in Seattle. And that lap quilt looks fantastic but I probably don't have deep enough pockets to win it!

Jaclyn Bailey

I wish we could make it this year! Oh well, one of the downsides of being 40 weeks pregnant!


Wow - Adams Elemenary sure are lucky to have such a talented and committed parent helping out :) Good luck with the auction!


It all looks great! I will try to make it by.


The ring is beautiful!

Wish I lived in Virginia and not Wisconsin!!!


Look at all that yummy booty! Ballard will never be the same... And I love the poster!


EEK! It's over, passed, I missed it. Not that we could have made it. We are an over an hour south of Seattle, and were on a hike on the So. Fork of the Skoke River til 3:00 pm. that day. But that quilt, oooooh that quilt...


I've asked before but I am dying so i will ask again! :-D

What is that number fabric? I love it!!


all lovely items to share with the auction. good luck!


That ring is very cool


Um, that lap quilt is super cool.


So I know I'm only, oh, months behind here...but I found your blog (again...) through Craft Addictions, and was just reading through some posts, and was pleasantly surprised to find that you're from Ballard! My old neighborhood...ish. (QA, Wallingford, Ballard.) In Edmonds now, but it's always fun to run across another Seattle area crafter/blogger. Your design for the auction is great!



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What a great idea!! I think we'll try to make a few this afternoon.
Love her jewels!


i like your pillows

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