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I have to say, in my opinion, the polka dot looks perfect how you have used it here, I think it really gives a lift. :)


I love the polka dots, I think it really makes the quilt. Gorgeous!!


D, I wanted to ask you about your necklace yesterday at coffee (and your ring). Why didn't you just tell me to stop gabbing! They are both gorgeous and if I could have gently lifted that ring off your finger without you knowing I would have (I figured the necklace stealing idea would have been pushing it). xo


Ooooh, love that chambray. And the necklace is great too. I took metalsmithing in art school. It was great, but really hard! I've never worked with fine silver clay though.

Dee Mallon

cool necklace...it will be fun to see where you go with it.

i love your quilt, too...

Where do you get your tags made?


Love it, D! The necklace is wonderful.


If you put those necklaces on etsy I'd buy one! Love. It.


Love the necklace! Etsy it up!


PMC is simply amazing stuff...i took silversmithing in college and became a certified PMC instructor several years later, and taught for about a year...it is so much fun, and so freeing and pretty instant gratification (a wee bit pricey, but *shrug*) ... i havent been much up on it lately, but it looks like they have even more to offer than before! great job on the necklace, what is in the center?

ed hardy

Love the necklace! Etsy it up!

hanson  robin

Love that quilt. In fact, I was going to work on my dissertation for the next couple of hours but you reminded me that I would so much rather be working on my spring-trips-to-the-park quilt. I know. I'm bad.


What a great idea!! I think we'll try to make a few this afternoon.
Love her jewels!

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